National Magazine Awards winners announced

National Geographic dominated with three awards. The judges cited them for their “photography that reveals wondrous and often threatened corners of our planet, and reporting that is both intrepid and tough-minded.”

Vanity Fair was the only other magazine to win multiple prizes, two, one awarded to an Annie Leibovitz portfolio called “Killers Kill, Dead Men Die,” which featured Hollywood stars posed in elaborate film-noir style scenes. Missed that.

Gourmet mag won for photography. I can’t imagine how many promo cards are on their way there as I write this. Well done Gourmet.

Other winners include: Atlantic Monthly for columns by the irrepressible and delightfully politically incorrect Caitlin Flanagan (whose appearance on the Colbert report was a hilarious example of someone unable to not play the straight man); The Virginia Quarterly Review, published by UVA; the Nation; Popular Science; Wired (for design); Harper’s (for fiction); Atlanta Magazine; Reader’s Digest; The New Yorker; and in General Excellence, GQ, Backpacker (go Julia!), Mother Jones, and Print.

These are magazines you might want to familiarize yourself with if you are interested in editorial.


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