Happy Birthday Look Underfoot – May 1

© Zoe Strauss

The blog is a year old today. I want to thank the 20,000 plus readers who stop by to share a little camaraderie, laughs, and hopefully inspiration with ‘ole Look Underfoot. Speaking of old, this Sunday I hit a milestone birthday: I’m going to celebrate with a road trip up to Philly to see Zoe Strauss’ fabulous I-95 exhibition (1-4 pm). Zoe does a great job of documenting her gritty urban surroundings, and her subjects make me feel young. So it works for me on a lot of levels. You can find out how to get there here. If you see a freckled brunette please say hello!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Look Underfoot – May 1

  1. Oh, man, I can’t believe your birthday is Sunday. Mine’s Monday, and I turn 35, which feels milestone-ish. You’re going to think I’m making this up, but I was going to fly to Philly for the weekend to see Zoe’s show to celebrate. I’ve ended up having to make two trips (June, July) back east for family stuff, so I didn’t have the money for the trip to Philly. I’m bummed I’ll be missing the chance to meet up with you (and Zoe) in person.

    Have a great time, and happy birthday!


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