Performing the Border at the Alper Initiative for Washington Arts/American University Museum opening June 17

The Invisible Wall: Photographs from East of the Anacostia River

Introducing Dimitri Reeves, Good Hope Road SE, Washington, DC © Susana Raab from the series, The Invisible Wall

A very exciting political event is coming to fruition in Washington right now.  I know what you all are thinking, so I will do away with the suspense and just confirm that yes, the exciting political event of the summer in Washington is happening at the American University Art Museum June 17. I am of course, talking about Performing the Border curated by Megan Rook-Koepsel at the Alper Initiative for Washington Arts.

For those of you who live in the DMV and don’t know – the Alper Initiative for Washington Arts is promotes an understanding and appreciation of the art and artists of the Washington Metropolitan Area through a dedicated space located within the American University Museum, and exhibitions, programs, and resources for the study and encouragement of DC’s creative community.  They also host a reading room related to each exhibition.

Perhaps most exciting is that early inspirator Carl de Keyzer will be showing in the main gallery and giving an artist talk at 5 pm before the opening, this is a real opportunity, folks.  De Keyzer’s work was a huge personal influence back in me formative years – his way of looking at the world without relying on the same set of tropes I saw repeatedly foregrounded.  Also the fat rectangular format. And flash. No illusion of sentimentality or false intimacy.  He won a Smith? grant and travelled around the US in a van or something with his family photographing God, Inc. and continues to produce fantastic work – his recent work from Cuba for ex. Also because his pictures are so small on his website and also because, website, the opportunity to see the prints in person should not be discounted.

So come to see this work, here his talk, and see this fabulous group show I’m in with a bunch of other interesting DC artists: Clay Dunklin, Amy Lin, Jenny Wu, and Street Light Circus. The works in Performing the Border explore the concept of borders and boundaries, both the ways we perform within them, and the way those borders are often themselves a performance. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Saturday June 17, 2017

Alper Initiative for Washington Arts/American University Museum at the Katzen

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW

Free parking in the garage










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