Slideluck Potshow DC III = Success

Centering itself in the vortex of photographic extremes that is FotoWeek DC: hipster art openings versus crass commercial promotions and every gamut in between, Slideluck Potshow DC III emerged as an unpretentious grassroots night of pure photographic fun.  The folks behind it arranged a top-drawer event, with presentations from locals, superstars, and superstars that are locals alike.  LOVED presentations by Hank Willis Thomas, William Christenberry, Chris Usher, Stephen Crowley, Alison Shelley, Jacquelyn Martin, Stephane Janin, Juliana Beasley, and many others whose names I cannot recall.  Most poignant for me was a series with video of Sierra Leone amputee soccer players.  My apologies to the photographer whose work this was for not remembering your name. Your video hushed us all in the room.  We were moved.  Honestly the event has such great verve and spirit. I don’t know how Casey, Alys, Emma, and the rest do it all, but thank you!  For those of you who have the event coming to your area – I encourage you to go. And for those of you who don’t – contact Casey and start one!  Viva SPS!

Update: Thanks to the omniscient Liz Kuball I now know that the Sierra Leone amputee soccer play video was created by Fiona Aboud and you can find it easily on her website.  Check it out and you will be inspired. Ain’t no mountain high enough! Girl, you’ve got some soul!

Slideluck Potshow in DC this Saturday Night

All-around good guy, Casey Kelbaugh, is taking his Slideluck Potshow international, but us denizens of the swampland can enjoy a show here in DC this Saturday. Join us at this event full of food, drink, camaraderie, and pictures. The Touchstone gallery is easily accessible from the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro. The Slideluck Potshow deadline has been pushed to Wednesday, February 13th. So, if you haven’t submitted work yet, you still have time! Hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 16, 2008
7:00 pm Potluck
8:30 pm Slideshow

406 7th Street NW, 2nd Fl.
Washington, DC 20004