Template for an Artists Statement

Many people struggle with the artist statement. I recently found in my papers a template that some of you might find helpful as a starting point.  Take what you like and disregard the rest. Here it is:

Title of Work

Artist’s Name

Contact info: One or Two Lines

Body of Artists Statement

Suggestions for creating an Artist’s statement

The goal is to describe your work quickly, succinctly, and clearly.

1. Set the tone to view your artwork and make the viewer want to explore more

2. Make a point, be specific to your exhibited work

3. Include the title to your images

4. Keep sentences short, keep it simple (my weakness!)

5. Use active sentence form

6. Engage the senses; what do you want you audiences to experience


1. Please use 1 inch margins on top and sides. 1 inch margin on the bottom if your text is that long.

2. Your statement should be approximately 150 words or less (obviously I did not write this! 150 words are you kidding? That is my synopsis). Not more than one page, double spaced, and an 11-12 pt. type size

3. Avoid making a list of what you like. (?)

4. Use natural language, write as you would talk.

5. Make it easy to read

Ideas for content:

1. Your approach to working

2. Describe your technique

3. Your philosophy as it is expressed in your art

4. Meaning of your work

5. Symbols, metaphors and analogies.

6. Themes and underlying issues.

7. Life experiences, influence on your work.