What sets my work apart is that it grows out of a documentary tradition and from this straight ahead or forensic approach I subvert the document through either juxtaposition or de-contextualization of an object from its surroundings, thereby rendering it hyper-real. I believe real life is strange and surreal enough if one looks a little longer and harder than to attempt to make something surreal on purpose, which usually comes off as contrived. As far as my images conjuring up the realm of a dream reality in someone, I would take this as an indication that they are working.

– Richard Barnes via FlakPhoto

Wow. Portraits. Look.

© Darin Mickey

Really nice selection by Andy Adams/Flak Photo for DC Fotoweek featuring many old favorites and some new loves.  Someone should box these up and create some lmtd ed folios! Lovely. Thank you. Here.

Flak Photo

Monday Night, Sonic Drive-In, Oxford, Mississippi

I crossed a milestone today. Andy Adams (twitter handle: FlakPhoto) published an image from Consumed in today’s Flak Photo (No not the one above).  I cannot but imagine that any of my readers are already aware of Flak, but in case you’ve been living in a cave (and if you are my hat is off to you), you can check out this great site here. Or become a facebook friend of Andy’s here. His might be the only case of where I became a bricks and mortar acquaintance prior to being a facebook friend, when I shared a delish deli sandwich with him in Madison prior to my bacchanal in the Wisconsin Dells last year.

And for those of  you who are wondering is Susana ever going to have new work?  As I am sure many of you obsessively ask yourselves several times a day, the answer is:  Yes, yes I do have new work.  I’ve got a new project percolating proudly sponsored by the ever patient Kodak film, the BEST color negative film for me.  Film, being the operative word here, I’m taking my time, editing, scanning, dusting.  I hope to share some images with you in the next month or so.  I am NOT a one-trick pony.  I have at least two tricks. Which is more than my dog has.

Milwaukee Redux

Thanks to all who came to the opening at the Dean Jensen Gallery last Friday eve. Especially, Mel & Dan of the Trittini’s Bar & Grille, and Sonja, and a special shout-out for Kevin who is the best host in-absentia a girl could ever ask for.

Sonja, me and Mel, I am trying to direct the shot but having us vogue.  I am not Dan Winters.

Sonja, me and Mel, I am trying to direct the shot but having us vogue. I am not Dan Winters.

Milwaukee, as one might expect, has a warm and scrappy arts community (data collected from my brief sojourn this is not expert witness testimony here). This was made apparent to me when I walked into the museum of advertising on sunday looking for a host gift (no luck there, but be warned kevin, a souvenir from the Dells is on it’s way to YOU), and the guy at the ticket counter recognized me from the show (A stah is born!) and told me how much he enjoyed it (and yes, Erik Ljung, you’ve tracked me down again and I owe you an email).

After-Party at Dean's, Dan and Sonja frame a Warhol.

After-Party at Dean's, Dan and Sonja frame a Warhol.

I even sold a few prints on opening night, so Milwaukee’s embrace was warm and uplifting even if the job-market is not.

These prints had not sold yet as of opening night, hint, hint.

These prints had not sold yet as of opening night, hint, hint.

Sunday night found me at the Waterford home of aforementioned Trittini’s, whose name has been bastardized by me in a vain glorious attempt to pronounce it correctly. If you are in Waterford, I highly suggest a sojourn. Dan (Mr. Trittini) made a glorious (filet mignon?!!) grilled steak salad with fresh spring (!) peas, baby corn and arugula. Heaven. A few bottles of wine later I think we had safely deconstructed contemporary photography and I had succeeded in humiliating myself with one Shawn Records, after merlot-ing and emailing in regards to my last minute entry into Critical Mass. Perhaps somethings are best left unmentioned. I blame Mel, really.

Me and He Who Plucketh Me from Obscurity, Dean Jensen

Me and He Who Plucketh Me from Obscurity, Dean Jensen

Monday morning, sober again, I drove to Madison to meet with the indominatable Andy Adams of Flak Photo. He assuaged my sorrows with a divine grilled turkey sandwich and I enjoyed perusing a solid edit by Mr. Adams of Mark Brautigam‘s work (On Wisconsin) in Wisconsin People & Ideas Magazine.

From whence I have headed into the heart of the matter fellas.  I am ensconced in the Wisconsin Dells, camping and mingling, and occasionally taking out the camera to frame a rectangle or two.  Regular posting will resume next week.  I just wanted to make sure that you did not think that a) I had given up on blogging or B)I had been kidnapped by a Brewer or some such animal.  And I will be tardy with responding to emails too, as I (gasp) do not have a wifi enabled device on my person most of the time.  Enjoy the rest of your July!!!!