Upcoming DC Events: Photography, Filmaking, Madness, Social Justice & Beauty

Quite a lot of interesting things happening around town. Here’s a small sampling:


VOICES FROM WITHIN Premieres in Washington, D.C.
A documentary exploring rehabilitation and recovery
To view the trailer: http://www.voices-from-within.com
The documentary, VOICES FROM WITHIN, will premiere with two local screenings and filmmaker-led panel discussions in Washington, D.C. The film explores the complicated process of recovery and redemption through the experiences of four individuals in care at Saint Elizabeths psychiatric hospital.

SCREENING #1 :Saint Elizabeths Hospital (1100 Alabama Avenue SE – atop the Congress Heights Metro Station)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013.  7-9 PM. Free and open to the public.

SCREENING #2: The Goethe Institute 812 Seventh street NW – China Town Metro Station

Wednesday, November 13, 2013.   7-9 PM. Donations Suggested, open to the public.

Also Wednesday November 6 IN FOGGY BOTTOM, 6 PM:


November 7, 2013 7-10 PM Reservations Required RSVP Here


Corridor at the Art Museum of the Americas

Corridor at the Art Museum of the Americas

Just a few scant days (June 25) to acquaint yourself with the jewel-box of an art museum, the Art Museum of the America‘s just off Constitution Ave on Our National Mall, before Corridor, the 12-person exhibit I have been honored to be a part of closes.  It’s really a lovely exhibit curated by Laura Roulet and Irene Hoffmann, featuring photographs by Sofia Silva , Phil Nesmith, Bernhard Hildebrandt. Video, printmaking, sculptural and mixed media work are represented by Martha Jackson Jarvis, Brandon Morse, Michael PlattJeff Spaulding, Oletha DeVane, John Ruppert, Soledad Salamé, and Joyce J. Scott.  It is an I-95 talent pool and the results are eclectic, interesting, and beautiful. But don’t take my word for it, go check it out yourself!  Here’s some install shots of my wall.

Eva, left, next to two Miraflores urban scenes in Lima Eva, left, next to two Miraflores urban scenes in LimaEva, left, next to two Miraflores urban scenes in Lima from the series, Cholita, at the Art Museum of the Americas.


Paola and her Nanny; Girlfriends, Mancora; and Perdido from the series Cholita at the Art Museum of the Americas, DC

Cholita at the Art Museum of the Americas

Cholita at the Art Museum of the Americas

Cholita at the Art Museum of the Americas



Radio Silence Broken: Corridor Opens Thursday 3/24 at the Art Museum of the Americas

Children of Cajamarca, Huanchaco, Peru, 2011 © Susana Raab

The blog and meself has been overly dull of late due to the old proverb being true: all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.  Since coming back from my peru trip in late January, I’ve been busy making selects, scans, toning, exhibition prints, and sequencing, and a small fruit of my labor gestates fully this Thursday at a fabulous group show of 12 DC/Baltimore artists opening at the Art Museum of the Americas in the name of Corridor, as in I-95, that concrete umbilical cord that connects charm city to , um, DC.  I’ve got 13 pieces in the show, half of which are new and never to be seen before, thanks to the fact that I haven’t updated my website since c. 1999. (Had to rush the materiel to the copyright office, don’t ya know, before Richard Prince absconds with it).

I previewed a small bit of the show and couldn’t be more delighted. The other fantastic artists are:  D.C. artists Martha Jackson Jarvis, Brandon Morse, Phil Nesmith, Michael Platt, and Jeff Spaulding; and Baltimore artists Oletha DeVane, Bernhard Hildebrandt, John Ruppert, Soledad Salamé, Joyce J. Scott, and Sofia Silva. The selected artists’ work represents a wide range of media and approaches, from sculpture, installation, printmaking and photography to video. The resulting exhibition showcases exceptional examples of some recent trends in art from the region. (OK that is from the press release, no brain juice left right now).

If you are in the fair District and can direct yourself towards 18th and Constitution Aves NW, please do stop by and introduce. I’ll be in residence on the 2nd floor.  There is a curator talk from 5.30-6.30 and then the opening proper at 6.30 – 8 pm.

Twill be up till June 24 so plenty of time to peruse if you can’t make it Thursday. Here’s the exact address:

Art Museum of The Americas

201 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006
Hasta Viernes!