Ballou High School Marching Knights for MC Saatchi /EOR Show Preview

Ballou High School Marching Knights February 2014

Ballou High School Marching Knights February 2014

After I got over the anxiety and procrastination to appropriately illustrate the¬†concept¬†teamwork: together we go further for MC Saatchi Paris (my first creative ad campaign! shot for a book/exhibit collaboration with MANY other talented photographers) – I ended up producing some new work. ¬†I had a wonderful time with the great kids of Ballou High School Marching Band under the direction of Director extraordinaire Darrel Watson and team. ¬†The kids really got into it and I’m posting a few rough outtakes here. Finding¬†everything a bit cyan and magenta at the same time. Ouch.

ALSO I almost forgot this will be part of my exhibition opening July 11 @VividSolutions Gallery in the Anacostia Arts Center on Good Hope Road and MLK. It’s a ten minute walk from the Anacostia metro and will have libation and conversation to savor, guaranteed. ¬†I will be barraging the webosphere with promotional this and that until then. Apologies in advance.

Also apologies if you think the below is kind of cheesy but Ivan is sooooooo great on the horn.


Ballou High School Marching Band, Washington, DC 2014

Ballou High School Marching Band, Washington, DC 2014


Here’s the facebook page for the show on July 11 with all the relevant info.


Down Under: Virginia Caves for Preservation

Couldn’t be more grateful to Michael Green for a delicious assignment to photograph Virginia Caves for Preservation, the magazine of the National Historic Trust, an organization I believe in and support. Not uncoincidentally, they are prompt payees as well, which is also likewise VERY MUCH appreciated. ¬†Thank you National Trust! ¬†I toured three caves, I highly recommend doing one or two – or spending more time- like five leisurely days – Luray is the Walt Disney of Virginia Caves with young interpreters asking you to step right up in their south/west va twang. Barnum & Bailey meets Punky Brewster meets Scout Fitch. ¬†I quite liked the off-piste Grand Caverns which retains a 1960s era faded glory in it’s display, and which is much appreciated after the¬†more experience on roids of other locations.


Eats wise Lynchburg and Staunton boast good offerings.  For those who love beautiful spaces and well -curated selections of books, Black Swan Books in Staunton , a must DO.  Grab a cup of coffee before you get there and settle down to some sweet browsing.  I did drive over 600 miles in the Conestoga solo 3 days Рso a bit of territory AND during federal shutdown so unfort no skyline drive access.  But how do LOVE Virginia. Love. It. Before I was a District of Columbian РI was a Virginian.  Much prouder when I went further South to school.  NoVa does not invite much fondness for the land.  Strip malls and new high schools. Post war military industrial boom.  I digress.



Behold my friends: Nature’s Wonders! Come, see, feel, know.









Grace Huebscher for Mortgage Observer

Grace Huebscher for Mortgage Observer

Got to photograph a very cool woman and use one of my favorite colors: orange! Thanks Mortgage Observer, PE Emily Assiran & Damian Ghigliotty .

Converging Cultures works by Latino Artists at Ridderhof Martin Gallery Opening & Lecture

I’m in a group exhibit with a bunch of good folks at the University of Mary Washington’s ¬†lovely Ridderhof Martin Gallery opening on Thursday September 5, if you happen to be in Fredericksburg, VA, which I do highly recommend. V. dog friendly, nice downtown, lots of antiquing.

Lecture in conjunction with Converging Cultures: Works by Latino Artists

‚ÄúOn Identity in the Arts: What it Means to be ‚ÄėLatino‚Äô‚ÄĚ
F. Lennox Campello, independent artist and art critic
2 PM, Sunday, September 29, 2013
Ridderhof Martin Gallery

Artist and art critic F. Lennox Campello delivers an illustrated and sometimes irreverent discussion on the history and evolution of the Latino ethnic label while raising important questions on the issue.

I will have two images from Cholita in the exhibit and will be attending the Sunday lecture.  More info available here.

ImageExhibiting Artists are:

Exhibiting Artists:

Consumed in the Oxford American

OxfordAmericancoverSerpent, West Palm Beach, FloridaWas delighted that a photograph from my series Consumed was featured in the Oxford American, illustrating¬† a story by Harrison Scott Key, who almost wrote the Star-Spangled Banner, but instead wrote an article on his Greyhound travels.¬† I love the use of allegory in my work.¬† If there is a snake in it, I am often thinking about Flannery O’Connor and the nature of evil and temptation.

Consumed will also be in a group exhibit at Central Michigan University this October with Mark Menjiver, Paho Mann, Jason DeMarte, Hillerbrand & Magsamen, and David Welch.  Road Trip!

Recent Clips: American Lawyer and Garden & Gun

Joan Claybrook of Public Citizen

Joan Claybrook and Clarence Ditlow of Public Citizen


Received a few recent clips to paper the blog with.  Had a fun shoot for American Lawyer photographing the formidable Joan Claybrook of Public Citizen.  Joan seems like a pretty capable woman, interested in comandeering any task, in this case the art direction of our shoot.  Luckily, I won her over with my self-deprecating humor, and readers, she acquiesced.  This is why there is not a lamp coming out of her head in this photograph.  Take your victories where you can.

Maggie Kennedy of the delightful Southern lifestyle magazine, Garden & Gun, contacted me a few months back to run some images I shot of William Faulkner’s home, Rowan Oak, from my personal project, Sense of Place.¬† I was delighted to be able to oblige her with some photos of the entrance way to his house and the typewriter.¬† Is there anything more satisfying than republishing personal work? Ok there is, but it still makes me happy.



Corridor at the Art Museum of the Americas

Corridor at the Art Museum of the Americas

Just a few scant days (June 25) to acquaint yourself with the jewel-box of an art museum, the Art Museum of the America‘s just off Constitution Ave on Our National Mall, before Corridor, the 12-person exhibit I have been honored to be a part of closes.¬† It’s really a lovely exhibit curated by Laura Roulet and Irene Hoffmann, featuring photographs by Sofia Silva , Phil Nesmith, Bernhard Hildebrandt. Video, printmaking, sculptural and mixed media work are represented by Martha Jackson Jarvis, Brandon Morse, Michael Platt,¬† Jeff Spaulding, Oletha DeVane, John Ruppert, Soledad Salam√©, and Joyce J. Scott.¬† It is an I-95 talent pool and the results are eclectic, interesting, and beautiful. But don’t take my word for it, go check it out yourself!¬† Here’s some install shots of my wall.

Eva, left, next to two Miraflores urban scenes in Lima Eva, left, next to two Miraflores urban scenes in LimaEva, left, next to two Miraflores urban scenes in Lima from the series, Cholita, at the Art Museum of the Americas.


Paola and her Nanny; Girlfriends, Mancora; and Perdido from the series Cholita at the Art Museum of the Americas, DC

Cholita at the Art Museum of the Americas

Cholita at the Art Museum of the Americas

Cholita at the Art Museum of the Americas