I Love Gifts in the Mail: Thank You Michael Wilson and Jayme Stone “The Yo-Yo Ma of Banjo”


It was a great pleasure to host Cincinnatti’s finest Michael Wilson at Casa Teddy Roosevelt last winter (so happy to call it LAST winter now!).  He was in town working with Colorado-based banjoist, compositionist and instigator Jayme Stone who was creating an album of Allen Lomax collected tunes and Michael was photographing objects from the Lomax collection at the Library of Congress.


The album. Who doesn’t love a beloved analog object immortalized on film! Working in a museum has really increased my appreciation for the artifact.


If you like this kind of music which I do, very much so, you can download the album and liner notes digitally on Bandcamp and iTunes or order the CD from Borealis Records. The recording features 20 songs, 15 musicians, and a deluxe 60-page booklet with archival photos and detailed song notes. Have a look at Jayme’s upcoming tour dates and get your tickets for a show nearby. This is still very much a grassroots effort and your support of this music and your help speading the word makes a tangible and much appreciated difference.

“An essential album.” — FOLK ROOTS
“A transatlantic session with blood, guts, and grit.” — THE HERALD
“A truly inventive spin on some very old tunes.” — GEORGIA STRAIGHT


Thanks Jayme and Michael! It was a real treat to receive your mails.


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