Donna Conlon: Video Artist

I don’t usually post on self-identified experimental artists since being treated for PTSD following the public circumcision and crucifixion of Adrian Parson’s foreskin.  But, I was in Panama last week and met up with Donna Conlon, whom I first met when we were both @FotoForum in Brazil – which was probably the most interesting photography event I had ever been to and which allows me to country drop  in this run-on sentence like I’m a flight attendant on a double-shift.

Donna’s work is completely club top-drawer. As I may have mentioned, she lives in Panama, where her husband works at STRI, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

You can find more of her work here. Please do watch this fabulous video about Panamian/US Sovereign Nation status told fabulously through beer bottles and Francis Scott Key?

Because of privacy settings, can’t embed here. Here’s the link and a screen grab:

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 8.17.34 PM

The Invisible Wall reviewed in East of the River: A MUST SEE

East of the River

Only a week and a half left to visit my show, The Invisible Wall @VividGallery in SE DC.  Philip Hutinet reviews the Invisible Wall for the East of the River Capital Community News:

Susana Raab’s imagery could not be more insightful.  Many have tried to explain what makes East of the River so unique from the rest of Washington, but few have actually been able to successfully explain it up until now.  Raab’s 20 picture essay speaks so eloquently, so simply, capturing so many of the facets that make East of the River such a remarkably distinct place, it is a wonder why an exhibition like this did not come to fruition sooner.

– See more at:

Thanks Philip, means a lot from a former River Easter! 

Susana Raab Productions is Taking Over the Smithsonian Magazine Instagram Feed this Week



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Yo! Look who is taking over the Smithsonian Magazine Instagram feed this week with some #southeastlove?  I’m taking you East of the Anacostia River.  Please follow me @ or at  Please join me and feel free to shout out questions, comments.

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