Down Under: Virginia Caves for Preservation

Couldn’t be more grateful to Michael Green for a delicious assignment to photograph Virginia Caves for Preservation, the magazine of the National Historic Trust, an organization I believe in and support. Not uncoincidentally, they are prompt payees as well, which is also likewise VERY MUCH appreciated.  Thank you National Trust!  I toured three caves, I highly recommend doing one or two – or spending more time- like five leisurely days – Luray is the Walt Disney of Virginia Caves with young interpreters asking you to step right up in their south/west va twang. Barnum & Bailey meets Punky Brewster meets Scout Fitch.  I quite liked the off-piste Grand Caverns which retains a 1960s era faded glory in it’s display, and which is much appreciated after the more experience on roids of other locations.


Eats wise Lynchburg and Staunton boast good offerings.  For those who love beautiful spaces and well -curated selections of books, Black Swan Books in Staunton , a must DO.  Grab a cup of coffee before you get there and settle down to some sweet browsing.  I did drive over 600 miles in the Conestoga solo 3 days – so a bit of territory AND during federal shutdown so unfort no skyline drive access.  But how do LOVE Virginia. Love. It. Before I was a District of Columbian – I was a Virginian.  Much prouder when I went further South to school.  NoVa does not invite much fondness for the land.  Strip malls and new high schools. Post war military industrial boom.  I digress.



Behold my friends: Nature’s Wonders! Come, see, feel, know.









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