Template for an Artists Statement

Many people struggle with the artist statement. I recently found in my papers a template that some of you might find helpful as a starting point.  Take what you like and disregard the rest. Here it is:

Title of Work

Artist’s Name

Contact info: One or Two Lines

Body of Artists Statement

Suggestions for creating an Artist’s statement

The goal is to describe your work quickly, succinctly, and clearly.

1. Set the tone to view your artwork and make the viewer want to explore more

2. Make a point, be specific to your exhibited work

3. Include the title to your images

4. Keep sentences short, keep it simple (my weakness!)

5. Use active sentence form

6. Engage the senses; what do you want you audiences to experience


1. Please use 1 inch margins on top and sides. 1 inch margin on the bottom if your text is that long.

2. Your statement should be approximately 150 words or less (obviously I did not write this! 150 words are you kidding? That is my synopsis). Not more than one page, double spaced, and an 11-12 pt. type size

3. Avoid making a list of what you like. (?)

4. Use natural language, write as you would talk.

5. Make it easy to read

Ideas for content:

1. Your approach to working

2. Describe your technique

3. Your philosophy as it is expressed in your art

4. Meaning of your work

5. Symbols, metaphors and analogies.

6. Themes and underlying issues.

7. Life experiences, influence on your work.

Tonight: At the Museum of American Art Caring for your Photography Collection

Collectors, photographers, printmakers and lovers of legacies: Tonight at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, photographic conservator and author Sylvie Penichon will present a lecture of for collectors of contemporary photographs (hereafter referred to as “My People”). Technical information and tips for what to look for when acquiring artworks and preserving your collection will be discussed.  Come find out how to preserve your pictures for generations to come.

More info available here; My People I will see you at 6.


I Went to the Kutztown Folk Festival and Made One Photo

This one.

JUST got the film back and this frame is sandwiched between an image of a  Petrobras Oil rig in the Atlantic and scantily clad girls cavorting in a waterfall as we (a friend and I not the royal we) practiced some photo geek funnery  testing out our Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shooter stuff.  It’s really quite a contact sheet. Love that.


Washington Project for the Arts Exhibition & Auction Gala Coming Soon DC

It’s that time of year to support the grassroots art organizations that make artistic interventions possible upon this homogenized states of america.  Price includes open bar auction bidding, pinatas, dessert and a chance to mingle with the creative class, even though if you are reading this, I’m guessing you ARE the artist class. (get member tickets).

I am delighted to have been selected by National Portrait Gallery (Ms.) Brandon Fortune to have two pieces from my project Cholita in the exhibit. Check it:


Totora de Cabalito, Huanchaco, Peru from the series Cholita



35 & Under Party Tickets Available NowTickets include open bar, auction bidding, piñatas, and dessert.DATE: March 22, 2014TIME: 9pm -11pmPRICE: $150LOCATION: Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA

MORE: Free Parking & Special Hotel Rate

Don’t miss our SELECT 2014 Exhibition, opening February 27th at Artisphere.SELECT 2014 features work by established and emerging artists from DC, Baltimore, Richmond and beyond.  WPA’s selection of exquisite, engaging, and exciting art works offers something for collectors both seasoned and aspiring