Vintage Photographs & Memories


I’ve been scanning some old photographs of late, family photographs of friends no longer remembered, among others.  Found a few classics I’d like to share.  The top I am pretty sure is probably of a Peruvian couple, judging by the gold, and the style of dress in my parent’s apartment in Philadelphia in the 1960’s.  I love the classy styling of the couple, and of course I am heavily influenced by chiaroscuro lighting of the Rembrandt or Vermeer ?? behind.  That has all the hallmarks of my father’s touch as does the well-stocked bar.  He lived in a permanent state of the art history student’s dorm room.

karenpeterdonkonickiss1960Here we have some long-divorced couple, whom shall remain nameless, pictured in better times in the 1960’s.  Do note the  copy of Valley of the Doll’s on the bookshelf as well as more highbrow aspirations.


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