Recent Clips: American Lawyer and Garden & Gun

Joan Claybrook of Public Citizen

Joan Claybrook and Clarence Ditlow of Public Citizen


Received a few recent clips to paper the blog with.  Had a fun shoot for American Lawyer photographing the formidable Joan Claybrook of Public Citizen.  Joan seems like a pretty capable woman, interested in comandeering any task, in this case the art direction of our shoot.  Luckily, I won her over with my self-deprecating humor, and readers, she acquiesced.  This is why there is not a lamp coming out of her head in this photograph.  Take your victories where you can.

Maggie Kennedy of the delightful Southern lifestyle magazine, Garden & Gun, contacted me a few months back to run some images I shot of William Faulkner’s home, Rowan Oak, from my personal project, Sense of Place.  I was delighted to be able to oblige her with some photos of the entrance way to his house and the typewriter.  Is there anything more satisfying than republishing personal work? Ok there is, but it still makes me happy.




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