What sets my work apart is that it grows out of a documentary tradition and from this straight ahead or forensic approach I subvert the document through either juxtaposition or de-contextualization of an object from its surroundings, thereby rendering it hyper-real. I believe real life is strange and surreal enough if one looks a little longer and harder than to attempt to make something surreal on purpose, which usually comes off as contrived. As far as my images conjuring up the realm of a dream reality in someone, I would take this as an indication that they are working.

– Richard Barnes via FlakPhoto

Kara Walker at the Hirshorn Next Wednesday

In conjunction with the Andy Warhol exibit running concurrently at the big tax evasion manifestation known as the Hirshorn, Kara Walker parachutes into DC for a twitter chat and presentation next Wednesday evening. 
Wednesday, January 11, 7 pm  
Ring Auditorium  
Hirshorn Museum of ArtImage
© Kara Walker
Best known for her room-size tableaux of black cut-paper silhouettes, New York-based artist Kara Walker counts Andy Warhol, both his fascinating public persona and his groundbreaking investigation and erasure of the dichotomy between pop culture and “fine” art, among her earliest artistic influences. Seating is first-come, first-served.