Visiting UK Photographer Seeks Assistant in DC August 16-19

Lisa Barnard, a friend of a friend, and noted UK visual artist, is coming to DC in August, a bold move when most natives are eschewing the confines of the Beltway for cooler climes.   However, she has good reason: the annual AUVSI conference, which coincidentally, I once covered in a PR capacity, and let me just say, Bravo, it was a surreal, eye-opening event.  In her own words Lisa seeks:

 a student of photography who might want some work experience and who has knowledge of lighting and digital media. The dates will be from the 16th – 19th August, although I shall be there from the 12th.  It wont be for all the hours within that day as I will be attending some conferencestoo. I have $80 a day to pay in my budget and that has to include expenses,  I am not requiring any assistant to take any responsibility, just chat and general physical support.  Ideally, someone who is interested in politics, war and capitalism within their practise.

Interested parties should contact her directly via her website.  And really who needs the beach when you could happy snap unmanned vehicles?  ; )  But I jest, I am sure Lisa will offer an interesting opportunity on many levels.  If you are interested in learning more about Lisa’s own practiCe, she attaches her statement of her intentions with the unmanned vehicle conference:

Working Title: Whiplash Transition.

Part 1: AUVSI Washington DC

This photography and video project will be investigating the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems

(UAV’s) in the USA.

Revolutions in Military Affairs (RMA’s), is the term used to denote the paradigm shift in the essence

of what war is and what it will become. Although unmanned machines are already in operation in the

ever-changing battlefield, the ramifications of the development, building and use of UAV’s including

the political, ethical and legal aspects, is unknown and not widely discussed.

Peter.W.Singer states that, a UAV can shoot an apple at 800 metres but it cant tell if it is an apple or

a tomato. It is the concept or added information that helps the operator determine what the subject

is. I shall be attending the Aerial Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) conference

in Washington, where the latest developments in UAV’s are being promoted to the military, by

companies such as, Boeing and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. I will be capturing, using

a Canon EOS 5D, some of the UAVs in the conference environment. The UAV cannot discern sex, age

and cultural identity. Within the conference environment I am hoping to record – using a Canon Eos

5D – myself negotiating this location where war, capitalism and technological innovation collide. This

video will further question photojournalism’s truth claims, and embrace the dialectics or contradictions

that I feel is inherent and of paramount importance to my photographic practise.

Lisa Barnard

Friday Night at the Mansion at Strathmore

DMV: If you can make your way near to North Bethesda this Friday eve, a fabulous opening will present itself before you at the Strathmore Center for the Arts.   The Pink Line Project does a great job of summing up the gist of this group endeavour, helmed under the capable and enthusiastic guidance of one Ms. Holly Haliniewski of the Mansion at Strathmore:

The exhibition features the growth and greatness of resident artists Minna Philips of Rockville, MD; Wilmer Wilson IV and Solomon Slyce of Washington, DC; and Brittany Sims of Kensington, MD.  As an additional treat, the artist’s mentors are also exhibiting, so look forward to the genius of multimedia artist F. Lennox Campello, award-winning photographer Susana Raab, and co-founder of the Washington Glass School Tim Tate alongside the resident artists.

Philips, Slyce, Wilson, and Sims have drawn on photography, mixed media, drawing, and painting to express each of their unique voices and contemporary perspectives.  Minna Philips utilizes photographic manipulation and paradoxical recontextualization within her work – prisms, angled varieties, and shadow boxes obscure and distort what may be one’s original perception of the objects at hand.  Solomon Slyce, on the other hand, brings his work to life through satirical photography of sensitive and emotionally-charged issues.  He incorporates themes of interracial marriage, immigration, and financial corruption and utilizes distinctive techniques by iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Irving Sinclair, and Grant Wood to do so.

Installation artist Wilmer Wilson IV’s pieces transform the everyday into the aesthetic. Inside the Mansion, he has used more than 1,000 inflated paper bags to create a whole room-filling form, which is then later reflected in the occurrence of paper bags in his photography works.  Finally, painter Brittany Sims presents her ominous paintings of worldly devastation. Drawing on images from natural disasters, her paintings inhabit unconventional shower curtain canvases that give her experiments true shape and dimension.

Also included in the exhibition are two multimedia works marrying drawing with video by F. Lennox Campello, a photographic series embodying literature by Susana Raab, and a new Tim Tate mixed-media sculpture incorporating blown and fused glass, electronics, and video.

So if you are in the environs, the opening is this Friday from 7-9 pm.  For more information, visit or call (301) 581-5100.