A Visit with Verna Curtis at the Library of Congress

Verna Curtis preparing to show me some highlights from the collection at the Library of Congress Division of Prints & Photographs.

An enviable wall of corkboard, with pristinely designed book jackets featuring the collection.

A view froma cubicle,Verna’s. In front of you ladies and gentlemen, is what I think is one of the most beautiful interiors in Washington, DC: the old Library of Congress building.  Verna’s office is in the newer Arthur Cotton Moore designed building. I once spent a day with Arthur Cotton Moore and his wife in their Gehry-esque (Cotton Moore designed de veras) metal sculpture on the Eastern shore where I first acquired my taste for the gin gimlet, up, and the affection of calling your beloved, Lovie, with no irony.  But I digress.

Verna has just completed a fabulous book, about the alubm through photographic history and it is an inspiraton.  I cannot wait to purchase it meself. Aperture worked with her and the book is as delightfully designed and useful to those interested in making their own albums.  Do look for it to win all sorts of awards.  I said it here first. It is cleverly executed and magnificently designed. I’m not going to give it all away here, lets just say the combination of material, and information is super -bueno!

I learned of this body of work by Max Waldman, about an area then called Colored Town in Miami Beach, Fla.

Coming later: some new additions to the collection.

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