Not to Miss: Bill Cunningham New York The MOVIE at the Hirshhorn Thursday March 10 8 PM

Here’s DC’s chance to view the documentary on the reclusive and enigmatic NYTimes shooter, Bill Cunningham. Not to be missed!:

Twice weekly, there are photo essays in the New York Times that double as cultural anthropology. On the Street makes a case for the fashion trend of the moment, and Evening Hours covers power brokers, swells, and celebs out on the town. Richard Press’s first feature is a portrait of Bill Cunningham, the photographer who produces these eye-popping chronicles. The octogenarian bikes to his assignments on his Schwinn, attired as always in a stylish yet utilitarian outfit: oversize lab coat, pinwale cords, black shoes, thick socks. “We all get dressed for Bill,” says Anna Wintour.

7 thoughts on “Not to Miss: Bill Cunningham New York The MOVIE at the Hirshhorn Thursday March 10 8 PM

  1. This morning, five minutes after I made a plan with a friend to see this documentary on Tuesday, I ran into Bill Cunningham at Sunshine Color Lab on 31rst Street. I mentioned to him that I look forward to seeing the film, and he replied that he hasn’t seen it. I laughed and asked him why? He said it would be too embarrassing and then he left.

    He made my morning. Photographers can be so funny and weird.


    • I won’t spoil it for you since you have yet to see it, but after you see the doc you will realize why this very modest, private, and self-effacing man would be tortured if he had to watch the entire documentary about HIMSELF. He is a unique treasure. I am glad he allowed the doc to be made, and that the filmmakers did such a great job of editing.


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