New Work: East of the River

Sienna and Lady with their Puppies, East of the River, Washington, DC © Susana Raab 2011

I’m starting to gel a bit more with this project that has been a really hard one for me.  First I am shooting primarily with the 4×5 that lends itself to a very different style of picture taking for me, less kinetic, fluid, etc.  But I want to also be very deliberate about everything here and very obvious about my presence, because when you are working across the Anacostia River in this other Washington, I feel it’s important to be obvious and open.  The thing to transcend for me, and perhaps I will not succeed – is to move beyond the cliches of life here, and make something that speaks beyond the apparent.  If I’m not successful at least I’m gonna try.

2 thoughts on “New Work: East of the River

  1. Hi Susana…
    hope you are well. I started a blog so I been cruising around learning the ropes and saw your post about your ‘East of the River’ project.
    Congratulations. A worthy, worthy pursuit.
    A quick thought (if you don’t mind) as regards your desire to be open and obvious. When I would spend hours on the street while shooting my OneShot series (not just here but in LA and San Diego as well) I always had an assistant with me, for all the obvious reasons but also as an extra set of eyes and another body…just in case. It never cramped my style and sure came in handy when I needed a bathroom break!
    Good luck. You can see my blog at


  2. thanks Max! I do work with an assistant sometimes, though really I prefer to work without one, but I feel you, totally. I am getting an intern this semester, so hopefully she will be game for some East o’ the River accion. Will check out your blog when I get back to the states. Welcome to the jungle!


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