Starting a Photography Business at NOVA Comm College Alexandria

The Nova Photography Program invites you to attend a free educational seminar:
starting a

for students, emerging photographers, and
anyone contemplating a career change into
this exciting but challenging field

Veteran photographer Judy Herrmann will provide resources
and share real world tactics to get a small commercial
photography business off to a solid start. Topics include:

finding work as an assistant
portfolio development
marketing + pricing
developing sound business practices

Monday 22 November 2010

7:30 pm in the Bisdorf Auditorium Room 196

Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus
contact or call 703.845 6287

about the speaker: Judy Herrmann, of Herrmann + Starke, is a past president
of ASMP, a United Nation’s IPC Leadership Award recipient, and an Olympus
Visionary. Her work has been featured in Communication Arts, Graphis,
Lurzer’s Archive, and many award annuals. A nationally-recognized speaker
and consultant, her blog helps people earn a living doing work they love.

2 thoughts on “Starting a Photography Business at NOVA Comm College Alexandria

  1. I’m an avid viewer of The Photography Post, not a blogger (yet). However, I wanted to bring the following to your attention:

    The Costco photo center now features an Art and Image Gallery where they have teamed up with Corbis to offer “instant art” for the cost of printing. So you can get a 20×30 Brett Weston printed on an Epson 7700 archival printer for $8.99, or a 20×30 canvas for $69.99. There are over 20,000 images, all of very decent artistic quality and I’m sure technical quality. There are actually some pretty cool images in the collection.

    Pity the poor fool who thinks they can make a buck selling fine art photography to the masses.,hth0xcnot,j2OVStqj_nX2dxssqKvBHnFp7QyZxas-


    • Hi bill, sorry a little late to the game here. Yes, I saw that and they have some of the NYT archive I believe as well, which is funny as they sell their own prints. Control the licensing stream folks!


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