The Sexing up of the Science Fair

So I took a brief sojourn down to the Science Fair held at Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue.  These girls, were showing that scientists could be cheerleaders too, or is that the other way around? At any rate, they were all science majors back in the day in college.

Three Cheers for Science © Susana Raab 2010

Wow.  More wholesome activities prevailed: Is it a solid or is it a liquid????? They were passing out this stuff that looked like play-doh, but when you put it in your hand it turned into Baskins & Robbins ® Mint Chocolate Chip. Full on. What does it mean?

The Quest to Determine Viscosity © Susana Raab 2010

New Friend © Susana Raab

Then I met my new fellow science geek friend. But he is a bit more learned than I.  And cuter!


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