Photo Books with Brenda Ann Kenneally on Tuesday Night. Discuss.

From Money, Power, Respect © Brenda Ann Kenneally

The DC’s own Gina Martin is hosting a fabulous WPOW (Women Photo Journalists of Wa) fundraiser wherein a small group of people (one need not be gender specific to attend, so boys, girls, hermaphrodites are all welcome!) will have wine and cheese with the singular Brenda Ann Kenneally at Gina’s pied-à-terre in Dupont Circle.

When I think of photographer’s photographer, I think of Ms. Kenneally, her work is so raw and intimate, taking me to unfamiliar places, made familiar by the work of concerned journalists who preceded her, but delivered with a veracity that is unparalleled, in my opine.  I’ll be there. Hope to see you too!
What: Wine, Cheese and Photography Books
When: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 7:30pm
Where: Gina Martin’s House, 1824 S Street NW
Who: Photojournalist Brenda Ann Kenneally
Cost: $20

Use PayPal and send a $20 donation to and specify “Goods” for the


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