Congressional Hypocrisy will Affect You

It constantly amazes me how galling is the  double-standard practiced by our elected “leaders.”  Many of you will know that Congress is considering enacting a law that will require all who purchase more than $600 in goods or services to issue a 1099 form, a form us freelancers are very familiar with as we tally our year end earnings at the end of the year.  I shudder to think how much my accounting will cost as I tally up all my goods and services paid for at the end of the year. ASMP is leading the charge to fight this proposal here.  I highly advise you to check it out.

What is even more risible, in a haha it is not that funny way, is a WSJ article detailing the fact that Congressional leaders whilst on their taxpayer-funded overseas junkets routinely receive a per-diem, as high as $250/day in one part of Japan, and often ask for a $50 per day supplement. But guess what? They don’t need to submit receipts. Obviously they have never worked for an editorial publication ; )  I guess that is just too much for them.  Needless to say the WSJ article goes on to talk about how members routinely use their per diem (often unneccesary thanks to their hosts providing them with ample food and libation) to purchase gifts like marble candlesticks and other what not.  Buy American clowns!  It is this kind of hypocrisy that always stuns me about Congress and makes me want to be a conscientious objector in paying my taxes.  I do pay my taxes, IRS, yes quarterly, btw.  I will use my blog to object.

The abuse of public office goes on and on, and is bipartisan. Take today’s story about Dallas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson who has been handing out scholarship money earmarked for needy students to her own grandchildren and staff members grandchildren.  Never mind that there is a nepotism clause in Congress.  I don’t think you should need to tell people that this kind of thing is not right:

At Dallas schools, where 86% of the student body is low income, plenty of students would have been eligible for the Black Caucus scholarships, which require a 2.5 grade point average, said Sylvia Lopez, director of counseling services for the Dallas Independent School District. But she says no one has ever contacted her office to alert her of the scholarships’ existence.

“If we don’t know they are out there, it’s hard to promote,” said Ms. Lopez

While I’m on my soapbox, how about reinstating the estate tax?  I think 3.5 million tax free per person is sufficient to avoid paying the so called death taxes.  If the government is so concerned about generating revenue, why don’t they do it in a way that is less painful to the greater good, though I am sure my accountant will love billing me for those 1099’s.  Yeah, my heirs won’t be worrying about any estate tax. The CPA already got it.


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