Got Some Downtime?

A good laundry list for things for freelancers to do during the “Dog Days of Summer” via WordCount.  Targeted for writers, but much the same applies. As someone who is taking off in a few days for the cooler climes of Nova Scotia, I’m adding several of these including systems upgrade (!!!!!) to my back-to-school-list in September.

The basic gist is this:

1. Go through your clips.

2. Update your website

3. Update your blog (DONE!)

4. Write letters of introduction. (And I will need to order some calling cards too – sounds so Henry Jamesian!)

5. Research queries.

6. File papers.

7. Upgrade computer/smartphone/software/hardware

8. Redo your office

Might be kind of obvious to some, but who doesn’t love a list?


One thought on “Got Some Downtime?

  1. Susana: Thanks for linking to my post. BTW, do you do much editorial work? If so let me know; I work with an online publication that uses freelance photography sometimes and might occasionally need someone in the D.C. area.


    Michelle Rafter


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