A Triple Crown!

Since coming back from Fotofest life has been a bit of whirlwind.  My show, “American Vernacular” opened (and since closed) at Irvine Contemporary in DC, and received good notices.  On the plane coming home from Houston I found out that Consumed won an Honorable Mention in Center’s Project Competition.  Then, when I landed, I found out that my work in progress, Cholita, made PDN’s Photo Annual, and received the Chosen nod from American Photography.  I didn’t push my luck and enter Communication Arts,(writing ALL those checks gets to be so dull, you know).

Playa Agua Dulce, Lima, Peru © Susana Raab from the series, Cholita

The week before Fotofest I closed on a studio in my very own apt. building, AND I got a part-time job as a photographer at the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum, beating out over 400 applicants. I think that it will be a very exciting opportunity to work with a museum with quite a unique mission, to focus on communities, not the least of which will be the Anacostia community, that part of DC bifurcated from the rest of the city by the river. I cannot help but think of Langston Hughes, and hope that I am deserving of all this good fortune and that my soul will grow deep.

Reeling from all this wonderfulness, I am upping the ante on my karmic contributions to the world because goodness must be shared with all. This is a good time to ask me a favor, fyi.

I am also hoping that this will take the pressure off the commercial work a bit (though I always appreciate the interesting assignment), so I can focus on new projects. Not the least of which is my foundling little premie of a project, The District, which seeks perhaps to ambitiously, in retrospect,  to deconstruct DC, and which is generously sponsored by a very patient and wonderful Kodak films!

I am still floundering finding my way through this work, and I think that a sign has been given to me, and I may focus on the Anacostia community, this East of the River area, which boasts the highest unemployment rate in the District, but had/s a real soul to it, and is in itself a microcosm of America, for several reasons which I will illuminate at a later date and with photographs.

Thank you PDN, American Photography, Kodak films (makers of the oh so lovely Portra NC, how I adore you!), Center, the Smithsonian Institution, Irvine Contemporary, and Mitch Story (my real estate agent)! I have actually never had huge repositories of high self-worth (functioning for the most part out of terror, to paraphrase Mary Ellen Mark), but damnit, you just might make a millennial out of me!

PS Regular non-promotional programming resumes next week.


6 thoughts on “A Triple Crown!

  1. Thankfully, the existence of all this work that can justly be celebrated renders impossible your being a millennial. See also: well-deserved. xoxo


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