Announcing Consumed and American Vernacular Openings this Week

A Chicken in Love, Athens, Ohio

A Chicken in Love, Athens, Ohio © Susana Raab

In case you all have been gazing longingly at your google reader feeds wondering where o where I have been, the answer is Texas.  Arriving early to sojourn at the Houston Rodeo with fellow bobcat Jill Karnicki, uber editor at the Houston Chronicle,  for a few days I have been enjoying the camaraderie and fitness challenge that is Fotofest.  Before heading to what is affectionately known as the Nac, where I will be having my first solo show of Consumed at Stephen F. Austin State U Monday eve.  If you are in the area, come on down!

Gathering no moss, I return post haste to the nation’s capital where my show “American Vernacular” will debut at Irvine Contemporary on 14th Street Saturday evening, from 6-8 pm.  It will feature 12 images from culled from “Consumed” and “Off-Season” and is sure to be a good ice-breaker for the Spring season. Sayanora blizzard!

I’m also happy to announce that the Smithsonian Institution has acquired a portfolio of my works.  Curator Shannon Thomas Perich spearheaded the acquisition in betwixt working on bigger projects and I appreciate her support of me and my work.

It’s been a busy but eventful month here for me.  I’m looking forward to resting on the laurel for a wee bit, returning to the blog, making new work.  I hope to see you in DC or the Nac!

All-American, Kissimmee, Florida © Susana Raab 2005


3 thoughts on “Announcing Consumed and American Vernacular Openings this Week

  1. Congrats on it all Susana. Glad to see your work gaining such well deserved attention. Wish I could see the show in DC. Perhaps I’ll get down before it closes.


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