The Internet is Fleeting

So it seems that publishers might have gotten together and realized the business model should rely in part on the very real cache that print has: it is an object.  I am emphasizing this to my students in a class i’m teaching on storytelling.  How nice it is to see the project in multi-dimension, not as a slideshow flashing by on a screen – but in printed form, a series of lightboxes, what have you – think it up and do it.  Because tangible rules in a digital world.  Thus the new message touting the “power of print” dreamed up for five publishers: Time Warner’s Time Inc, Hearst, Advance Publications, Conde Nast, Wenner Media, and Meredith.

One ad’s tagline: The Internet is fleeting. Magazines are immersive.

I would have shot that ad as a pair of hands holding a magazine out of a cute art deco black and white bathroom.

Anyhoose, you can read all about it at the Wall Street Journal here.

2 thoughts on “The Internet is Fleeting

  1. If they had spent that advertising money on content, they might not be in this situation. I think the internet/poor economy excuse only partially explains the collapse of the editorial world. Most of the blame has to rest on not giving readers a reason to buy their product in the first place.

    Oh well, at least they’ll have a little more advertising in their pages over the next year.


  2. I think some magazines should be striving for better content, but I am always reminded that the consumer/reader is no bargain either. I am shooting a job for Candis magazine, a UK publication and received some sample copies. The small readers digest sized journal is all the rage over in Europe with the consumer magazines, including German Glamour (another pub I shot for recently that sent me sample copies), and the publication size does the content no favors. But the consumers eat that stuff up. You couldn’t run great content well in that publication because the format just does not allow, unless you are going to make the commitment to clean design, which this small format does not lend itself to.


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