PSA #243: info cornucopia

The life is undergoing tiny seismic shudders right now so attention is firmly based in the analog realm.  I do have a few tidbits to pass along:

You probably have heard by now that photographic collector cum blogger/curator Ruben Santy-Mike is the subject of a show of his own work curated by Eric Ogden at Hous Projects Gallery opening Thursday March 18.  This is the same gallery on 31 Howard Street (2nd floor) which hosted the highly acclaimed and Ruben-curated exhibit, Versus.

Also the nymphotomaniacs are hosting a limited edition print sale to benefit Haiti, featuring works of art lovingly created by veritable nymphettes.  Really I have to say this print sale is featuring some very smart and strong work.  I have my eye on a thing or two.  Bidding begins Feb. 27 online.

© Suzanne Revy

LOVE this image by the very talented Suzanne Revy and so many more by Jane Tam, Tema Stauffer, Rhona Chang, Emily Shur, Nina Büsing Corvallo and other talented photographers.


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