Happy Presidents’ Day Wknd

Mt. Vernon © Susana Raab 2009

I was honored last summer to photograph the reopening of George Washington’s study.  Under the careful supervision of two nervous curators and one talented PR lady (public relations when applied correctly is not unlike diplomacy), I succeeding in setting up my tripod and photographing en holga several frames of George Washington’s study which includes a chest from his Revolutionary War campaign, his spectacles, desk, and a host of other treasures that would make Antiques Roadshow go gaga.

Sitting unscanned in my to scan notebook for far too long, the blizzard and the impending day of honor have moved me to action.  While you are sitting there with your loved ones Lady and the Tramping it over piles of chocolate covered strawberries, don’t forget our founding father, he who refused the term, your excellency, and chose humility.  True he was human too, not resolving the slavery question but leaving that for a later president at a future date.  It is inescapable that.  Yet we must all strive to be better, learn from the past, and create a better future.  In spite of everything, I wish more of our elected officials had a little more George Washington and Abe Lincoln in them.  I say term limit them all! Oh, I digress.  Happy President’s Day Weekend!

George Washington's Study © Susana Raab 2009


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