Opportunities for Michigan and New York Artists

Snowbound? Jewish and a New Yorker? or a Michiganite? Alas, I am only the former, but YOU might be eligible and interested in pursuing these opportunities for artistes:

Emerging Jewish Artists in New York City Invited to Apply for Six Points Fellowship

The Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists is accepting applications for its next cohort of artists.

The fellowship program will support nine individual artists in New York City between the ages of 22 and 38 who are working in the visual arts, music, and performing arts and who want to develop a new project with a Jewish focus, theme, or element.

The program seeks projects that reflect or embody a thoughtful engagement with Jewish experience, history, values, issues, or concerns and that will resonate with a broad range of audiences but with particular emphasis on the artist’s peers. During the two-year fellowship, artists will create and present their diverse projects to young audiences in the New York area through programs such as live performances, concerts, and gallery events.

To be eligible, artists need to have lived in New York City for one year prior to the fellowship start date (October 2010) and should already have networks and connections in New York City, which Six Points can help them use and leverage.

Each of the fellowships will provide a stipend of up to $20,000 over two years, a project grant of up to $20,000 over two years, and retreats, monthly workshops, coaching, and mentorship.

Visit the Six Points Fellowship Web site for complete program information here.

Kresge Community Arts Program Offers Grants for Projects in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park

The Kresge Foundation is calling for applications for year two of Kresge Community Arts, a national community arts and engagement project being piloted in five cities in the United States, including metropolitan Detroit. Grantseekers are invited to submit applications for projects in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park that use art and culture as a tool to address community issues.

In 2009, Kresge funded twelve projects totaling $109,958 in the Detroit-Hamtramck-Highland Park tri-city area. An additional $90,000 will be awarded in 2010; grants will range from $2,500 to $10,000 each.

The pilot program is designed to test Kresge’s belief that grassroots arts and cultural projects can be an effective tool to address pressing social issues. The foundation seeks projects that will engage underserved and new audiences as well as children, teens, and families; promote cross-cultural understanding; increase exposure to art and culture; and provide experiences in non-traditional spaces such as low-income housing developments, juvenile detention centers, battered women’s shelters, and afterschool program centers.

Applicants may request one- or two-year grants for planning and implementation. Projects do not have to be new, but existing projects will not receive priority funding. Grantseekers who applied in year one and were denied are eligible to reapply for the second year of funding. Current grantees are not eligible for a second grant.

Individuals and groups, including local artists and historians, neighborhood and homeowner associations, youth with parental consent, service agencies, municipal governments, community development corporations, and arts and cultural organizations, are encouraged to apply.

Visit the Kresge Foundation Web site for complete program information here.

Buen suerte!


4 thoughts on “Opportunities for Michigan and New York Artists

  1. I am always a little disappointed when I see these kind of Fellowship or Grant applications, limiting applicants to a certain age group. I guess they do not actually violate the ‘The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967’ or ‘Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964’ but to me, they certainly violate the spirit of that legislation.


  2. I empathize Christian, believe me. But what can we do? For my part, if I should have sufficient funds at my passing, I will certainly set up a fund for artists 40 and over. It might violate the spirit of aforementioned acts as well, but hopefully counterbalance the plethora of opportunities I see for artists xx yrs or younger.


  3. Well Susana, my comment certainly was not aimed at criticizing your posting this! Thanks for your good thoughts though, but you know, for this kind of thing I would certainly like them to get away from any mentioning of age, one way or the other.


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