Dennis Stock (1928-2010)

Miles Davis © Dennis Stock 1958

A man whose work is emblematic in my mind of a sort of halcyon time where long-term personal work could sustain a committed documentary photographer, Dennis Stock died on January 11 at the age of 81.

“I’ve never taken an assignment,” Mr. Stock said last year during an address to photojournalism students at the University of Texas. “I’ve always photographed what I wanted to be photographing, and then worried about selling the pictures or doing something with them afterwards. I’ve always shot for myself, and when you’re shooting what you’re interested in shooting, you’re always going to be happy.”

Sounds like you had a good life Mr. Stock, and you made some memorable mesmerizing images.  Thank you.

An obit can be found at the Washington Post here.

UPDATE: Doug Menuez has more personal remembrance here.

Also OT but not to be ignored you can donate to help HAITI through a number of resources here.


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