Keep on the Sunny Side in 2010

ANALOG EMAIL : William Faulkner's Desk, Oxford, MS © Susana Raab 2009

The holidays has been a refreshingly analog time for me.  I have checked email very seldom, turned off the television, and abstained from the ipod.  It has been incredibly restorative, a Pho for the soul.    I discovered I was going through long periods of time without really breathing.  I’m slowing down the pace to a brisk walk and able to enjoy the scenery a bit more.  Thinking a lot about the nature of my photographic practice (ie what does it all mean????) – how sometimes it feels all muddled as naughty bits of one aspect must be attended to while more interesting tasks are left to fester by the wayside.  I am filled with ideas and not enough time to execute, and perhaps this is all just some self-fabrication because at same instance I do think I am at my most productive when the wheels are whirring briskly.  At any rate, this is constant:  I am constantly wracked with fear of not being productive enough in any facet of my career instead of grateful for what I have been able to achieve.

It has been a tough year for most of us.  Just today the Post ran a piece announcing that the Wa Times had finally come out with the expected layoffs of 40% of their newsroom as they eliminate the Sunday paper and decide not to cover sports and metro.  A lot of good people let go there, and so many places: AOL, Gourmet, the nascent Portfolio, were just a few organizations and publications to lose the fight, and museums! The Wall Street Journal published this article today on the threatened state of America’s small museums. It’s something just to be surviving.  And trying to be better at whatever it is that calls you.

So that is what I’m going to try to do in 2010 and I wish for you too.  Grateful for the good things, just looking to survive with honors.  Thanks for stopping by over the past year, and I promise to be less maudlin in the days and weeks to come.  May the wind always be at your back. Suerte.


One thought on “Keep on the Sunny Side in 2010

  1. I remember seeing your photos at Artomatic from your series on authors’ homes. Without realizing who took the photos, my first thought was that this was a very personal body of work. Every time I see a photo from this series a smile comes to my face. These really are beautiful photographs.
    The events in this past year has made me reevaluate what it is I want to do with my photographs, and what photography is to me. It’s depressing at first. After a while you realize it’s a calling that you just have to do, regardless of whether or not there is a living to be made from it.
    Hopefully, we can all make a living doing what we love to do. Happy New Year.


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