Jenny Holzer: The New York Times Magazine

© Jenny Holzer (And Ain't that the Truth!)

I have a problem.  It is difficult for me to separate what I know about an artist from the enjoyment of their work.  While the psychologist/English major in me wants to know all about the artist: their background, their motivation – the impartial observer in me is better left in the dark – for there are cases when the artist lives a life or commits acts of such reprehensibility that I cannot separate the person from their work.

Happily, more often than not, I am delighted in my increased awareness of an artist and her work, and this amplifies my appreciation (I prefer to reside in the spectrum of positive emotions these days). Such is the case with artist Jenny Holzer, a conceptual artist who puts words and ideas in the public space (AND is a fellow Bobcat, and hails from Galipolis, Ohio – ten points if you know how they pronounce it – a town, I’ve enjoyed a sojourn in back in THE day) who is featured in the Domain‘s section of today’s Sunday New York Times Magazine.  She is a sport. Her favorite acquisition from the Whitney? Her husband.  Work she’d take back?

How about everything I have done to a certain extent? I disappoint myself routinely.  If you are an artist and you are honest, you are never good enough.

What’s on her bed?

A New Zealan possum bedspread. When I was younger, I was curious and amazed by Wilt Chamberlain’s bed that was covered in artic wolf pelts.  I figured if I could understand the combo of love, slaughter, and fur, I’d know something.

Smart, self-deprecating, curious, insecure, and engaged.  LOVE her. An excellent morning wake-up read. I aspire.

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