Galegos na Diaspora lecture by photographer Delmi Alvarez at Library of Congress Hispanic Reading Room

FYI This lecture will be conducted in Spanish – On Tuesday November 17 at  12-1 pm in the  Hispanic Division of Library of Congress Spanish photographer (I should say Galician – the Spaniards invented Balkanization!) will be presenting his twenty-year project, Galegos na Diaspora. From Delmi:

Galegos na Diaspora is a photo essay documentary long term begun in 1989 and ended in 2009. It is a book published in Galicia with 600 pages.
Is the first time that the project has a presentation. In my country no media, press, Tv or organizations have interest in it because it is very controversial.
Finally I will talk about this long project out of my land and I am sad of that, but proud that in the USA it can be true and talk to the people about this galician diaspora around the world.
Galician diaspora is on memory of thousands of inmigrants that one day went out of Galicia and established their lifes in many countries of the world.
The project is based in travels around, Europe, Americas, Asia & Oceania, Africa…

Many stories of people who can not be heard and have been forgotten in the memory of time.

A ver:

Foto 10 bastos

Foto 14 emilio



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