Good News Friday: Collectors Looking to Homegrown Living Artists


Eva, La Costa Verde, Peru, 2009 © Susana Raab

Looking on the bright side, the WSJ reports that after years of seeking exotic foreign artistes to add to their collections, collectors are now homeward bound in terms of rounding out their collections.

Now, a full year since the recession gutted the global art market, collectors are canceling their trips. Some Westerners are now loath to dip into markets like Russian or Indian contemporary art, whose prices soared during the boom but whose long-term value is less established. Many are cutting back on expensive art-buying trips. And some collectors say they’re interested in supporting local artists, particularly at a time of economic hardship—the cultural equivalent of buying an American car instead of an import.

Yes, that is news we can use.  Are you a collector looking for a fine piece of contemporary art while supporting your local community? DC (Maryland and Virginia too, you can claim me! I’m equal opportunity) collectors take note:  you too can support this very worthy artist.  Serious inquiries only at gallery [at]

(and yes, Adam is holding the apple in the photo above; revisionist history? I don’t think so!)


2 thoughts on “Good News Friday: Collectors Looking to Homegrown Living Artists

  1. I knew you only from this site. Silly me. I followed your link and had a great morning viewing your work. Many things going on there that I will need to process before making a statement, so for now I’ll stick with “I like it.”


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