“Untitled” a movie mocks Art World

Adam Goldberg stars in a new movie, Untitled, which takes a satirical look at the contemporary art world.  “There’s a lot of art I like, but I get annoyed that I can’t have it” because of the cost says Mr. Goldberg, in a Candace Jackson piece in today’s Wall Street Journal (Teasing the Art World, W5).  Ummm, I guess Mr. Goldberg never heard of 20×200, charity auctions or just contacting unrepresented artists directly. Dude, if I can buy original artwork you certainly don’t need to decorate your LA home with obscure Polish movie posters, if’n you want to collect work from living folks.


One thought on ““Untitled” a movie mocks Art World

  1. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard about this movie before. But maybe I am not the target audience 😉
    The movie looks like it might pretty dull, since those jokes have been made and heard so many times.


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