Gone but Not Forgotten

No, I haven’t given up, but I have been in hiding, for just a day before his passing, I declared Irving Penn the greatest living American photographer to a friend and curator, and now like some soothesaying Dr. Jekyll, I live in fear of what terrors my prognostications might bring . Ninety-two years, shminety two years, it is obvious I have some murderous sixth sense, and I want to use my power for good not evil.  That is why I am hereby declaring Anne Geddes the greatest living photographer!

OK, of course am just joking, and just to be certain, I believe Anne Geddes is from the Australia or New Zealand and so the dreaded curse will be impotent as I’m pretty sure the superpower only applies to the Western Hemisphere.  And to you, Irv, rest in peace Irving Penn, thanks for the inspiration!

With the DOW hitting over 10K it seems that the editorial market has been undergoing a renaissance due to the hustle of activity I’ve experienced over the past month.  Another factor keeping me from blogging is my show, Super-America, that opens at the KunstLicht Gallery in Shanghai tomorrow! Saturday at 3 pm Shanghai-time. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances I won’t be able to attend the blessed event, but I will be there very much in spirit.  The show encompasses the usual suspects of fast-food work and leisure time work, including some recent images from my foray into the Wisconsin hinterlands, and was curated by Professor Sven Müntel.  I’m attaching some exhibition images that the delightful Doris so kindly sent me:








They promise to send some photos of the vernissage, which is a term I have never heard used before, but I find quite appealing and am very excited to be the subject of a vernissage.  Much better than triage!


6 thoughts on “Gone but Not Forgotten

  1. Wow. Very impressive. Looks wonderful. What a cool window display. I am sure you are very happy.

    Hope to see you at FF. I got in on Session 4


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