Martin Schoeller Artist Talk Today (Saturday Sept 26)

© Martin Schoeller

© Martin Schoeller

In conjunction with the fabulous portraiture show at the National Portrait Gallery, Portraiture Now: Feature Photography, which looks at the work of five photographers who use portraiture in the editorial venue, Martin Schoeller, will be giving a gallery a talk at the National Portrait Gallery today. This will be filed in the column, better late than never, those of you in the Washington, DC environs might think about changing your schedules and heading down.  The event takes place in the National Portrait Gallery:

Venue Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture
Event Location Meet in F Street lobby
Cost Free
Related Exhibition Portraiture Now: Feature Photography
Note Gallery360 is a conversation about the portraits in a single gallery, led by the artist who created them.

Martin Schoeller talks about his work on display in the related exhibition. Schoeller has exhibited his portraits internationally and his portraits have appeared in many prominent magazines, including the New Yorker, Gentleman’s Quarterly, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone.

Image: Jack Nicholson by Martin Schoeller, digital C-print, 2002. Collection of the artist, courtesy Hasted Hunt, New York City © Martin Schoeller

Other artists featured in the exhibit are:

The exhibit closes tomorrow and if you haven’t seen it already I highly recommend a skeedaddle, as the Soth prints alone make it worth a scurry.  Gorgeous and well-curated!


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