Dream Jobs: The Oxford American

I was recently contacted by the Oxford American (The Southern Magazine of Good Writing [and good art]) in regards to them publishing a piece from my Sense of Place series (see below).  In the process of negotiation, they offered me a subscription to the OA, which I gladly accepted as regular readers know, I delight in good writing.  I was so pleased to receive my first copy in which my work appears (though it is THE last page of the book [a place of honour no doubt] and was happy to see that the Oxford American in addition to being the place for good writing, is also a repository of great art.  A dream job for me would be the person who matches the art to the fiction in The New Yorker, or the art director of Harper’s (though Stacey does too good a job of that to ever aspire for such a dream job), and now I want Carol Ann to know that I am watching her back, because in addition to having great fiction to illustrate, the Oxford American has the added benefit of an Arkansas locus which means the cost-of-living is L-O-W. So many other good photogs in this issue as well, like Blake Fitch, who I am seeing EVERYWHERE, and Susan Worsham.  I’m not giving it all away, go buy yourself a copy or subscription and see for yourself.  Be edified!

A ver:

Me in Oxford American

Me in Oxford American

Thomas Prior in the Oxford American

Thomas Prior in the Oxford American

by Fatima Ronquillo/Wally Workman Gallery”]"Young Woman with Cupid [and Toe!]" by Fatima Ronquillo/courtesy Wally Workman Gallery in the Oxford American

3 thoughts on “Dream Jobs: The Oxford American

  1. Thanks for the tip on a new publication.
    It’s funny because those jobs you mention at the New Yorker and Harper’s have been on my dream list. Those magazines have incredible art use (possibly my favorite) and it’s in no small part from the great writing and design.


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