Inside Jamie Wyeth’s Bait Box

Catching up on the Wall Street Journal’s wknd journal seccion and came across this quote of the perils of working the plein air painting (Paint, Easel, Bug Spray, Gun . . . by Daniel Grant W12, Aug. 29) and came across this mention of painter Jamie Wyeth who:

kneels inside a four-foot high, seven-foot long, three-sided wooden bait box when he goes outside to paint on Monhegan Island, Maine

“My box is mainly for privacy”, he said, noting that “I find it extremely bothersome when people talk to me while I’m painting.  If I don’t say anything to them when they ask a question, or if I tell them I don’t like to talk while I’m working, then I feel terrible that I’ve been rude. Inside the box, people see that I clearly don’t want to talk, and they eventually scurry away. “

On occasion, I might like that bait box, though I imagine it’s too cumbersome for my purposes.


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