Noorderlicht PhotoFestival Opens Sept. 5 in Groningen


I’m pleased to have a piece in the show, “The Pursuit of Happiness” from my World War II series in this year’s Noorderlicht Photofestival.  I’m unable to attend the opening and show, but just received an email today saying that I can put some guests on the list for the opening.  As a friend of Look Underfoot, I’d be happy to put you on the guest list, just post a comment with your name if you are going to be in Groningen on Sept. 5 or so.  Here’s the 411:

The  16th edition of the Noorderlicht Photofestival will open
on Saturday, 5 September at 5 pm in the Der Aa-kerk in Groningen.
The opening ceremonies will be conducted by Ms Els H. Swaab,
Chairman of the Dutch Council for Culture
Speaker: MaryAnne Golon, photography editor and media consultant
Guests of honour are Stuart Franklin, Lauren Heinz, Simon Njami,
Marc Prüst and Bas Vroege, guest curators for Human Conditions.
Noorderlicht Photography | Akerkhof 12 | 9711 JB Groningen NL

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