Consumed + Off-Season: The Book Dummy

With arch-nemesis Emily Shur away fulfilling her constitutional obligations (though I acknowledge there are so many other worthy contenders) I would like to take this opportunity to monopolize the vote publicize Consumed + Off-Season: the book dummy – my humble offering to the Photography Book Now contest.  I submit for your consideration the opportunity to vote for it (or any book you like, but you can only vote once so use that vote wisely, hint, hint) in the People’s Choice award.  Cause really, f$%k the 25K and all the other ephemera and glory that comes with top honors, all I really want is your support!  Really.  My fingers are not crossed behind my back while I write this.  OK, you’re support and the $25K would be really nice.  And never you mind the hootchie cootchie layout in the preview, that is not the actual layout of the book, I have just confused the Blurb automated preview process with my nefarious ways and usage of In-Design.  Consumed + Off-Season: the subversive’s Photography Book Now!!!

Feeling the Raab love? Here’s your chance to show it, just click that cute little orange button and all will be known.  Bless you.
Vote for my Book in the Photography.Book.Now competition.


5 thoughts on “Consumed + Off-Season: The Book Dummy

  1. Susanna

    I’m new to this blogging thing… so I don’t now if this is how it works…. but a few thoughts.

    Just saw the award winners on the Blurb Photography. Book. Now site. You were robbed. You should have received an award, or at least an Honorable Mention. Yes I know we don’t enter these things to win awards (right?) and the whims of juries are hard to fathom, but I don’t know why your book was overlooked…. your stuff is that good. In the copy to my book I question the very nature of photography contests (however you can’t read it on the book site as the type is too low rez). I wanted to come close to biting the very hand that I hoped would be feeding me. Keep up the great work.

    Steve Hill


  2. Hi Thanks Steve –

    I appreciate your people’s choice award. It is always disappointing to be passed over, but you just have to accept the rules of the game – at the end of the day it is subjective. Good news though: Blurb loved it and I’m getting 10 free copies in exchange for them using it at trade shows and such as an example of a book they love. I intend to use the dummys to ship to book publishers and hopefully get a real version of the book published soon! thanks for your support –



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