Home Again with Alec Soth

It is delicious. Enjoying a cup of coffee in my favorite chair while trolling the Sunday New York Times, a tactile object, you can hold it in your hand, and know that the hour or two spent perusing is saving energy to boot, as trees are a renewable resource while electricity is not as much.

Images from Soth's new project "Black Line of Woods"

Images from Soth's new project "Black Line of Woods"

So, I was delighted to encounter “Trolling Strangers to Befriend,” in the Arts section on the photographer Alec Soth’s recent work for the High Museum.  It’s quite worth the read.  I am encouraged to note that I am not the only photographer who goes all sweaty when photographing people, something more than one assistant has noted.  To be fair, my endicrinological system is super-high functioning.

Though the Times does commit an error in referring to Flannery O’Connor’s farm, Andalusia, as an “estate” during a description of a nocturnal foray by Soth onto the property to photograph.  I can tell you that it is but barely a farm, and there is nothing keeping anyone out of there, nor would the curator be anything but delighted to have someone photograph the place. But I quibble, bravo High Museum and Julian Cox!


2 thoughts on “Home Again with Alec Soth

  1. Hi Susane,

    I was gone for the weekend and looking forward to curling up with my Sunday NYT. It serves me all week long and I am looking forward to reading the article about Alec and his work.
    The other day I heard a report on NPR that the newspapers in England were alive and doing extremely well, with thick Saturday AND Sunday editions. I noticed the same thing with the German papers.
    I think we may just be a nation of non-readers with a very short attention span.


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