Urban Nature Magazine

© Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee

© Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee

Straight from Chicago, photographer Ryan Hogdson-Rigsbee (say that ten times fast), is debuting the fourth issue of Urban Nature Magazine. Ryan was that undergrad kid in all my grad classes who was kicking all our old cynical asses. The last class we took together had him work on a long-term project about the closing down of the projects in Chicago. I’m glad to see he is still working it there – and staying true to himself. Check it out – what one man and an idea can do.

Issue #4 contains four stories:

-The Return: Looks at the transformation of Winter to Spring in Chicago
-Urban Characters: A collection of photos from the past year of urban objects that have all the character of an urbanite.
-Music Festival Season: Looks at past covered music festival in anticipation of the start of 2009’s festival season.
-From the River (sneak peak): A glimpse into next issue’s story on Chicago from the river.

Urban Nature Magazine looks to explore the merging point between nature and urban man in the hopes of cultivating new appreciation and insight into our relationship with the everyday and each other.


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