Chinese Sentiment

My friend Shen Wei has two pictures from his new series, Chinese Sentiment, for sale on Jen Bekman this week. I’d love to curate a group show along the idea of lost homelands/horizons. Very romantic, I know, but my own project on Peru, soon to be unveiled, explores a similar idea, and I know of several other good projects along the same theme.


Blessing over the Rice Machine, Guiyang, Guizhou Province (30″x40″) by Shen Wei

From Shen:
After leaving China for almost a decade, going back to photograph China has been an emotional process of integrating my retrieved memories and my desire of seeking. My passion for this on-going project is to observe and rediscover the affecting moments in Chinese daily life, both in the private and in the public.

Chinese Sentiment is a personal journey for me to reconnect with the authentic Chinese living and culture. I intend to look pass the materialistic surface, pay appreciation to the concinnity in China; finding the poetic tradition, the romantic serenity, and the inherent beauty of China. My goal is to reveal China from a personal perspective, let the audience experience China internally and see the realness of China.


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