ARTOMATIC (May 29 – July 5) is Upon Us

So I’ve just finished installing my exhibit, A Sense of Place, at this year’s Artomatic .  This most democratic of “art fairs” will host I think around 700 artistes this year and will feature a month long of performances, fire dancers, and happenings.  It’s located literally right next to Nationals Stadium and the views alone are inspiring, as proven by this very nice video promo by participating artist Sean O’Grady.

I haven’t had the chance to loiter throughout the 6 floors, but it’s the usual mixed bag: great stuff mixed with questionable, but always entertaining and thought provoking.  Here’s the address:

55 M St. SE: Above Navy Yard Metro Station. My wall is on the 6th floor, in space 12-C-2.  If you swing by my space, please sign my guestbook.


3 thoughts on “ARTOMATIC (May 29 – July 5) is Upon Us

  1. Hey, got to check out your exhibit at Artomatic, fortunately before I had succumbed to visual exhaustion and had begun shambling past exhibits while barely taking in anything. Good stuff! It occurs to me now that I did not sign your guestbook, so this will have to do.


    • Hi Drew!
      Well I’ve been back and forth to the hospital all week for a sick relative – and didn’t get a chance to drop off the guest book! Hopefully we’ll meet in person soon and thanks for stopping by! see you at LOOK3?


  2. Sorry to hear about your relative, hopefully they are doing better! I believe we actually met at a show at H&F ages ago, which is where I first saw your photos.

    Unfortunately, upcoming trips to Florida and Japan are keeping me busy enough that I’m not going to make it to LOOK3. Pretty disappointed about that, but I guess almost 3 weeks in Japan is a good consolation prize!


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