Lost in the Translation: Beware of the Road Police

A bit of an eye-opener reading the LOT (Polish) Air Magazine, Kaleidoscope, on the flight from Zurich to Poland. Totally off-topic but here are some highlights from an article about visiting the US, just in case you were wondering how “WE” are perceived:

1. On Being American: “One of the most important [ways Americans differ from other people, besides our perfect teeth, i kid you not this was mentioned] is appreciation of the national symbols – with the Star Spangled Banner being number one  . . . No wonder that the main hero of children’s fairytales is . . . George Washington. [??!!]

2. On the Great American Melting Pot: The country is a full range of most world nations and cultures, coexisting here for decades. Sometimes among the white people, but still often living in their own separate districts and ghettos. [Ok I can’t argue with this, just not your usual in-flight reporting]

3.  On Accomodation: The standards of motels differ considerably. The common thing about them is The Bible in a drawer.

4. On the World Without Us: Today it is difficult to imagine the world without the USA. What to pour into a whiskey? If not for Marilyn Monroe and JFK what would the most famous romance of the 60’s look like and one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century. [greatest?!] . . . Fortunately, 307 million Americans exist and are quite fine.  [quite]

5. On Road Trips: “The best means of transport is an air-conditioned yank-tank [emphasis mine] . . . Beware of the road police, who can be hardly visible.  It is impossible to bribe them.

And there you have it my friends, viva democracy.


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