NYMPHOTO PRESENTS @ Sasha Wolf Opening Tomorrow Wed. May 6

The NYMPHOTOMANIACS have conjured up what seems to me to be two lively all-female group shows over at Sasha Wolf.  The opening for show 1 is Wednesday May 6 from 6-8 @ 10 Leonard Street in Tribeca.  Two things I did not know before I participated in this gig: a) Sasha Wolf is a She and b) so is Garie Waltzer.  The world is a wonderful and mysterious place.


Seriously, a lot of times when one is on the group show circuit, one misses the cohesiveness of a more clever unifying vision or theme, but gaze upon some of the selections avail on Ms. Wolf’s website and then tell me that I am wrong is stating that this is not the case with this group of dames.  Interesting work from the likes of Michal Chelbin who I met briefly at Review Santa Fe in 2006. Her prints of Ukrainian circus performers were gorgeous and ethereal, and I think she was rightfully one of the superstars that year. The work is breathtaking.  PhotoNOLA buddy Katrina D’Autremont presents work on her Argentine relatives which is, and I quote Mr. Conscientious here, “quite nice.” Jennifer Boomer’s work in Alaska I covet.  And Jen Davis is also a superstar I think and makes very distinct emotionally raw work.  J. Bea also has work as does Nina Buesing Corvallo (there’s an umlat or something in their somewhere), Emily Shur, Jane Tam, the afore-mentioned inscrutable Garie Waltzer, Tema Stauffer (Tema and I showed work together last year in Milwaukee, so we will entertain you with our Laverne and Shirley impersonations).  There’s a bunch of others too, and not everyone is showing at the same time, so you can get the full deets here.  Tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to Poland where I’m a finalist in the grand prize at the Fotofestiwal in Lodz.  Fellow norte americana Kay Westhues will also be representing.  Wish us luck, I’m a bit worried about the kielbasa eating contest component of the competition.





3 thoughts on “NYMPHOTO PRESENTS @ Sasha Wolf Opening Tomorrow Wed. May 6

  1. Hey Hey- just saw your blog- will follow you around and see what you’re up to! Thanks for posting my photo on your lovely blog. Hope things went well in Poland.
    Best Wishes from the “inscrutable” Garie Waltzer.


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