PaperGirl Returns to Deliver Art to an Address Near You

Ever wonder what to do with your old portfolio prints? I sent mine last year to Spain.  This from my friend Soren, whom I met at Photo Espana:


Hello! It´s time again!
Papergirl Nr. 4 knocks on your door! Thanks to all the participants Papergirl is getting 4 years old this year and we hearby want to invite you all, to take part!
For all of you, who don´t know the project, here´s a short description:
We distribute, in the way of american paperboys, rolled art pieces by bicycle in the streets to random passers-by. This happens once a year, when it´s summer in Berlin! Before this “action”, all given work is exhibited in a big show.This year, additionally we plan a bike-workshop.
The artwork:
The works can only be analog, this means, you can either hand it in personnally or send it by post.
Therefore it´s in your hand to choose the format, the amount and the medium. Only premice: it has to be rolable and minimum 2 pieces, so we can exhibit one and distribute one.
How and where you take part is up to you: make art and or distribute with us!
The DEADLINE for ALL works will be 17th of JUNE, since we want to print a poster with one work by all the participants together.
Further details about the show, the distribution and the workshop, as soon as we know!
More News:
The Papergirl-Team has expanded to 10 people, who are doing their best, that Papergirl gets bigger, better and more: more art, more attention, more quality and thus more fun!
At the moment we are working on a new website. On the homepage you can already find the Papergirl Nr. 3 film, which has just been completed:
And … Papergirl has got a little sister in California:
She will celebrate her first birthday this summer. You can double the” hit rate”!
So, give us what you´ve got and see you in summer!
If you want to participate, send us an e-mail and we´ll send you an address or more information:


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