Rumors of My Death have been Greatly Exaggerated


The New York Times is looking good today.  Find it interesting that three section fronts feature fine examples of good ole analog photography, coincidence? I think not.  I’m not trying to get into a film versus digital thing – they each have their uses. Uncle! Just saying, the Times looks refreshingly good.

Obvious exception, the butt-ugly portrait of Susan Boyle on the Sunday Styles front.   The photographer wasn’t doing her any favors by shooting from below with what appears to be the dreaded on-camera flash.  My heroine deserves better than that!


7 thoughts on “Rumors of My Death have been Greatly Exaggerated

  1. “…I’m not trying to get into a film versus digital thing – they each have their uses…”

    OK….then what are you saying? I don’t know how the use of film-based photos changed the overall impact of those photos, nor do I see how shooting digitally would have made one bit of difference…

    I’m just sayin’…..



  2. what i’m saying is that people who prefer film and people who don’t care/can’t tell a difference/like/don’t like photoshopped images versus emulsion, these people generally don’t want to see eye to eye, and why should they? i have no problem with people having their opinions. but nor do i want to open this up to a tedious inconclusive debate.



  3. Your heroine deserves the best!! I hope the media stays kind to her and doesn’t turn on her as they do from time to time. And I hope she stays as sweet as she is. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live in a whirlwind you didn’t create nor have any bit of control over.


  4. Hi Susana,

    That top one feels like an Emmett Gowin image to me, for some reason. The light or something. I agree with you; there’s something comforting to seeing those Hasselblad notches. Feels so much more truthful for some reason. (Although there’s no guarantee, of course). Hope you’re well. -MT


  5. Poor Susana. She was the pin-up of “don’t trust preconceived stereotypes” and has now turned into “do we want her to be one of the beautiful”.


    • It’s not that I need Susan Boyle to be one of the beautiful, it’s just that like all of us, you can make the best of what you got, and that photograph was not helping her!


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